Produk Kami

Dengan berbagai kelebihan yang ditawarkan, Wallborad PVC menjadi produk polimer termoplastik yang memiliki jumlah pemakai terbanyak ketiga di dunia setelah polipropilena dan polietilena.

Klient yang sudah menggunakan produk kami terbukti puas dengan hasil kerjasama yang sudah dijalankan.

Foam Board

Foamboard is a material that is light and strong and easy to cut with a knife or cutting tool. This material is often used as a printing medium or in photography as part of a frame.

Sheet Board

Sheet board is a type of material that is light and environmentally friendly compared to similar materials. It has varied thicknesses and is quite cheap, so it can be used as an alternative material for making partitions

Stone Polymer Composite (SPC)

is a type of floor that is increasingly popular in Indonesia. With strength that resembles wood flooring and superior durability.

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)

Wood Plastic Composite is a mixture of wood fiber and polymer materials, which produces a material that is strong, durable and environmentally friendly.


Ceilings made from PVC material are coating materials for use on the ceilings of residential buildings and commercial spaces.

List Decor

List Decor is a home decor accessory that functions to give a neat and elegant impression to the appearance of your home. Why is PVC the material used? because the material is resistant to termites and water.